The Master's SOP Formula

A complete A-Z blueprint for writing brilliant statements of purpose that fill you with confidence, flood your inbox with admission offers, and launch your career as a high-achieving graduate student.


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If you’re a master’s applicant with huge goals, who’s tired of vague, frustrating advice about admissions essays, and who just wants to write an SOP that's sharp, intelligent, conveys what schools want to see (in just the right way), and leaves you certain you’ve given yourself the best possible chances of admission...

Yes! This course is for you!

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dreaming of a high-income career who knows the SOP is your ticket to the most competitive grad schools


who feels awkward in writing, but who needs master’s research to qualify for industry jobs or elite PhDs


seeking a career upgrade, but who hasn’t written an essay in years and refuses to waste time making mistakes

You’ve found what you need!

This course will give you all the tools you need to write SOPs that convince grad schools you’re destined to be a success.

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By the end of this program,

you will have…


  • Boldly defined your "PURPOSE"

    It's not called a Statement of Purpose for nothing. By crafting a “thesis statement” for your life and goals, you'll show you’re one-of-a-kind in the applicant pool.
  • Validated your "Dream University"

    And proved you’re 100% qualified for admission anywhere you apply. Really. All it takes is a little research (and the secret sauce of the "Why This Program" section). 
  • Saved yourself dozens of hours of work

    By writing a "Master SOP" you can recycle (quickly and easily) for any number of schools.
  • Banished Impostor Syndrome

    By using logic, smart planning, and a step-by-step roadmap, you'll prove to yourself (and Dream University) that you’re truly capable of achieving your dreams.
  • Drastically increased your admission chances

    The very best students (think 10+ admissions) leverage rhetoric, storytelling, and the Art of Persuasion in their essay writing. You're going to learn how to do the exact same thing.
  • Learned how to meet ANY word limit

    500 words? Easy. 1,500? No problem at all. Following the SOP Formula makes any length requirement a straightforward task.
  • Given yourself immense confidence

    That you’ve written exactly the kind of SOP grad programs want to see.

"This course astounded me.

The lessons aren’t just instructions for writing an SOP, but totally made me rethink the whole application process. Let me just say this: I don’t think there is ANYONE who shouldn’t read these lessons before they apply to grad school, regardless of the programs they apply to."


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What Our Brilliant Alumni Have to Say...

"I must admit, the final product is next-level – well beyond what I thought I was capable of producing. This is my writing but I never thought my SOP could be this good. It was an extension of my identity, and quite a self-actualizing experience."

- Carly, Biomaterials Engineering


"I have never felt so proud, confident, and excited in my entire life. Your insight and expertise gave me a sense of ease and confidence which allowed me to submit applications to schools I never expected to accept me!"

- Amanda, Nursing


"Overall, I got accepted to 6 schools with 2 waitlists and ZERO rejections! Given my GPA of 3.29/4.0, and lack of academic publications or strong credentials, I think it's pretty safe to say that my essays were OBJECTIVELY stellar hahaha."

- Lee, Electrical Engineering


What’s Inside

The Master's SOP Formula


Module 1

State Your Purpose

(What Problems Do You Want To Solve?)


In this module, we’ll conquer the SINGLE BIGGEST problem that could make your SOP seem “average” (if you write without a smart plan).

We’ll engineer your success by getting a few uber-important decisions out of the way, thus achieving TOTAL clarity about your career goals and how you’re going to attain them.

Quickly, you’ll articulate WHY you need a master’s degree. Then you’ll learn how to connect this “why” to your #1 Target University. (Making this link is crucial!)

Finally, you’ll craft these all-important points in a tight, focused “thesis statement” — your Sentence of Purpose — that presents a crystal clear picture of what you’ll achieve in grad school (and beyond).

Module Highlights:

  • Map your career path through grad school and beyond so you can move forward feeling clear and confident. This roadmap will instantly illuminate why this is called a “statement of purpose,” and why some students succeed where others fail.
  • Discover the exact skills and subject matter you need to “master” to achieve your Dream Career. Not only will this clarify why your #1 Target School is so valuable to you, it’ll eliminate the anxiety that often sets in when you write without contemplating what comes next after grad school.
  • Clarify your entire grad school candidacy through a sharp, brilliant argument, so that readers know right away how you’re going to succeed in their program, and so you can move forward with energy and motivation.

Module 2

Why This Program

(Is the Perfect Place to Pursue my Purpose)


Grad schools want students who've crafted a clear plan for their future. They want students who already know which classes they’ll take, which professors they’ll work with, and what topic they’ll pursue in their capstone projects. These are the details which convince universities that you’re going to be a 100% guaranteed success if they admit you.

In this module, we’ll make you look like a rock star. We’ll tell your #1 Target School exactly how you’ll use the resources they provide, immediately differentiating you from the 70% of applicants who never consider their plans in detail.

You’ll learn how top students did this for schools like Stanford, Columbia, and UC-Berkeley, and exactly how to model their example. (It’s easier than you think!)

Finally, you’ll discover how to quickly and easily repeat this process for all your applications, and save yourself days and weeks of effort, while still convincing EVERY school that you’re just as prepared as the best applicants they’ve ever seen.

Module Highlights:

  • Learn (the counterintuitive reasons) why this is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT part of your SOP, and how the vast majority of applicants write this part of their essay completely wrong.
  • Read never-before-seen essay samples that convinced schools like Oxford and Harvard to admit students who were once, maybe like you, totally anxious and worried they didn’t measure up.
  • Discover how to outline and rank your “Study Plan” so that the actual writing only takes a few minutes. By doing this stress-free research first, you’ll make it easy to recycle your SOP for any school and any word limit.

Module 3

Why I'm Qualified

(To Pursue My Purpose)


Selling yourself isn’t easy, is it? It makes most applicants feel awkward and greasy. Impostor Syndrome rears its nasty head. But don’t worry! In this module, we’re going to make it feel easy, natural, and logical to convey the strengths that make you unique, and convince grad schools you have all the tools to be an A+ student.

We’ll boost your profile by listing all the hard, verifiable proof that you’re capable of achieving the goal you established in Module 1.

You’ll learn how to quickly turn this proof into a sophisticated prose argument (this is essential!), and avoid writing a bland “autobiography” that feels like a CV and bores admissions readers to tears.

Finally, you’ll conquer that pernicious shadow of self-doubt by proving to yourself that no matter what happened in the past, you have the specific skillset necessary to succeed as a master’s student.

Module Highlights:

  • Create a “Greatest Hits List” that makes you feel proud of all you’ve accomplished. This list won’t be an info dump, but a carefully designed portrait of a student with huge potential.
  • Transform your background into a sales pitch. This pitch won’t just deliver facts about what you’ve done in the past. Instead, it will persuade readers that you’re 100% ready to conquer the challenges you’ve defined in your pre-selected master’s “Study Plan.”
  • Turn “Impostor Syndrome” into “Reasonable Self-Awareness.” Selling yourself doesn’t have to be awkward! Using a purely logical process, you’ll convince yourself, and your dream school, that you’ll give them a strong return on their investment of time and resources in you.

Module 4

Telling Your Story

(Why Are You Pursuing This Purpose?)


Once you’ve established your Purpose and proven you can achieve it, it’ll be easy to go back to the beginning and write an Introduction that captivates your reader and makes you seem wildly unique in the applicant pool.

First, you’ll learn why a brief, mature, intellectual story is the most powerful way to make grad schools interested in you. More than anything else, this will explain why your purpose is so important (and why you need grad school to help you achieve it).

Next, we’ll examine the 3 essential elements that make sure your introduction is intellectually mature. We’ll focus on the academic problems you want to solve, and avoid gimmicky and naïve language that distracts readers from your true potential.

Lastly, we’ll make certain that the “Sentence of Purpose” you wrote in Module 1 shines bold and bright in your introduction. This way, every reader and every school will think you’re a brilliant student full of potential (not to mention a sneaky talented writer).

Module Highlights:

  • Follow specific templates that make starting your essay easier than ever. These templates were inspired by the SOPs of students admitted to Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, Oxford, Harvard, and more, and they’re easy to customize and make your own. (This is what all my best students do!)
  • Answer 5 brainstorming questions that quickly generate all the content your introduction needs. I don’t want you wasting time not knowing what to write. This brainstorm will make it easy.
  • Avoid the top-2 problems that turn a smart SOP into a gimmicky “kiss of death.” By following this strategy, you’ll ensure that your writing matches the intelligence of the people reading and judging and your profile.

Module 5

Frame Narrative Conclusions

(Your "Purpose" Returns)


Just as every academic paper ends with a conclusion that reminds the reader of your thesis, so too must your SOP — only now, your thesis is your Sentence of Purpose.

Luckily, this is the easiest part of the SOP. In this module, you’ll first craft a “Career Goals Statement” to show the reader exactly where your master’s journey will take you in the future.

Then, you’ll “close the frame” from your intro, reminding the reader of your purpose, and creating a harmonic effect that writers call “circularity.” It’s a magical effect. For the reader, your essay will feel whole and complete. You’ll seem smart and memorable, and you’ll linger in their minds long after they read the final words of your essay.

Module Highlights:

  • Master the 4 elements of a powerful conclusion. By combining these elements in your own unique way, you’ll ensure that your SOP ends with a bang, and your reader feels certain you’ll be an A+ member of their community.
  • Craft a bold Career Goals Statement. Whether you want to be a high-powered executive or eventually pursue a PhD, this statement will show that you have a clear plan for achieving your goals.
  • 10 samples and templates to follow. Writing is hard enough already. By examining how top students ended their SOPs, you’ll make it easy to ensure your SOP reaches the level that Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford demand.

Module 6

Putting It Altogether

(Structure Is Magic)


Once you’ve compiled all the necessary ingredients for a stellar SOP, it’s time to pipette them into a single canister and watch the miraculous reaction that occurs.

In this module, you’ll slot the sections of your SOP together, following a simple but mighty outline. You’ll then tweak the language and inter-paragraph transitions to make sure everything flows, logically and beautifully.

When you’ve finished this “Master SOP,” you’ll learn how to cut the text to fit any word count. 500-word essays? No problem. 150-word short responses? Easy.

Finally, you’ll learn how to get amazing feedback from people in your academic community. You’ll also learn who NOT to ask for help (because they tend to give superficial advice and waste your time).

Module Highlights:

  • Follow a point-by-point outline for EVERY word of your SOP. We’re leaving nothing to chance! By mapping the content of your draft, and performing word-count diagnostics, you’ll “see the Matrix” of your SOP and make sure YOU can solve any lingering problems.
  • Learn 13 techniques to meet any word limit. Word-cutting is a powerful skill, and it’s one anybody can master. By employing these tools, you’ll feel confident submitting to every school, and save yourself hours of effort.
  • Guarantee you get awesome feedback from your mentors. By handing them a simple 4-question quiz, your readers will quickly reveal which parts of your essay might need some work to be maximally competitive.

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The Master's SOP Formula
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  • 6 Modules

    that show you EXACTLY how to turn your vague goals into a brilliant SOP that makes universities excited to admit you.

  • A Pinpoint Guide

    to mapping your academic career through Dream University’s master’s program, then achieving your Dream Career after graduation.
  • The Easy-to-Learn Creative Writing Techniques

    employed by the best essayists and science communicators, so you immediately look like a student with rare writing talent.
  • The "Replication" Formula

    that allows you to recycle your brilliant SOP, and makes it almost easy to apply to 10 or more schools in just a few weeks.

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Bonus 1

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What You’ll Get:

  • Permanent Access to AMAs with Jordan where you can get all your questions answered and keep writing with purpose, confidence, and clarity.
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  • A Space to Overcome Impostor Syndrome and build a network that will give you confidence through grad school and beyond.
  • The Chance for Free Reviews from students and alumni who’ve mastered the SOP Formula and can help you work through any murky points in your writing.
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The WriteIvy Sample SOP Library

See exactly how and what students wrote to earn admission to schools like Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, and more.

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What You’ll Get:

  • 20 Sample Essays fully diagrammed and annotated to show you, step-by-step, how they implemented The SOP Formula and exactly how you can use the same design.
  • Essays From All Kinds of Academic Fields: Humanities, Social Sciences, Engineering, Finance, Art, and more.
  • Breakdowns of High-Impact Essays that earned admission to as many as 13 master’s programs!
  • Proof that Even Low-GPA Students Can Earn Admission to multiple programs and achieve their grad school dreams.
Bonus 3

A Complete Walkthrough for Jordan’s Own SOP

Watch as Jordan follows each step of The Master’s SOP Formula himself, writing a completely fresh SOP from scratch, then editing it down to both 770 and 500 words.

(A $50 Value)

What You’ll Get:

  • A PDF Worksheet showing how Jordan completed the exercises in all 6 course modules.
  • Complete Annotations to let you see how each exercise flows together, step-by-step, in beautiful harmony.
  • Multiple “Final Drafts” that Jordan would submit to elite schools with limits of 800 or 500 words.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

The Master's SOP Formula - $497 Value

  • Member’s Only Private Subreddit - $120 Value
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  • A to Z SOP Walkthrough - $50 Value

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Let me give you some good news.

The Master’s SOP Formula is an utterly comprehensive, step-by-step program for hard-working master’s applicants who are truly dedicated to writing impactful statements of purpose.

Our community is filled with talented, driven, and supportive members who are writing (or have written) their application essays. When you join, you will be part of this special group.

Now here's some even better news.

By the end of these 14 days, you'll have received access to EVERY module, lesson, and bonus material in this course.

This means you'll have had the opportunity to outline and draft your entire essay BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don't feel 100% confident and proud of your work (and your ability to submit an essay that highlights your academic potential in a powerful way), simply reach out, show us you've put in the work, and we'll refund your investment. Full details here >>

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  2.  Whether you're overwhelmed by all the vague SOP advice on the Internet, or you're just tired of feeling anxious, you're fully aware that following a CLEAR PLAN will make this grad admissions process a whole lot easier

  3. More importantly, you want to feel CERTAIN that you're showing your strengths in the most persuasive way, without constantly second-guessing yourself

  4. You’re motivated to invest the next two weeks in brainstorming, outlining, and writing a deeply meaningful SOP that can dramatically alter your chances of admission.

I'm so stoked to guide you through these next few weeks in The Master's SOP Formula

Teaching the universal lessons of essay-writing has transformed my life, and the lives of thousands of students.

I've celebrated SO MANY times with students who never imagined they could write an SOP that made them so proud, nor help them earn admission to 5, 10, or more grad programs.

This is what I want to share with you today.

If you're a master's applicant of any kind, you owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free dive and see how your applications transform when you stop Googling, stop guessing, and instead, follow a plan that's worked a thousand times at virtually every elite university you can think of.

If you choose to take this leap, I personally guarantee these next few weeks will be life-changing. You'll see your goals, education, career...your LIFE...with new and astonishing clarity.

I can't wait to meet you personally in The Master's SOP Formula.

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